Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

10 Things on Your "To-Do" List
  1. Felt my sushi wallet.
  2. Organize my "cables and wire" cabinet.
  3. Get rid of all the clothes we don't wear.
  4. Water the plants.
  5. Clean the sugar glider's wheel.
  6. Organize the closet.
  7. Shampoo the carpet.
  8. Give the ferrets a bath.
  9. Trim their claws.
  10. Let the sugar gliders roam "free" in their balls.

If you wish to play along, please feel free to check out Ten on Tuesday


  1. me too i have to organize the closet! it gets so full fast! lol

  2. Water the plants and shampoo the carpets are two things that I still need to do too.

    Mine's up.