Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

10 Things You Think are Cool

  1. Furry little animals
  2. Knitting
  3. Clint Eastwood
  4. Horror Movies
  5. Shoes
  6. Handmade items
  7. Passion
  8. Historic places
  9. Nature and all it's wonders
  10. The Beatles

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mittens and Kittens

While looking at Facebook recently I noticed the beautiful hand embroidery that my boss' wife does. When I commented on her picture to compliment her and tell her how beautiful it would look on a pair of mittens, scarf or hat she proposed the idea of starting an Etsy shop. I would be in charge of knitting and her the embroidering. Here are the first mittens and now they're in her hands to begin the embroidery.

Lastly, here is the latest addition to the family. I introduce to you, Smokie. I saw her in the pet shop while picking up some bugs for my sugar gliders and just couldn't resist. She ended up coming home with us and is the sweetest kitten.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I CAN NOT believe that my last post was in mid July. I had absolutely no clue. I have been so consumed with work, knitting and reading. In the beginning of August I took a trip out to New York City to spend some good quality time with family and friends. I stayed out for a magnificent week. I was amazed with how big all my little nieces and goddaughters had gotten. They truly grow like weeds. We took a huge family trip to the Hall of Science. Later on that evening my brother took me out to see Toto La Momposina, who is a famously known Colombian singer who does afro-colombian music. Her voice is phenomenal and the band really got you moving in your seat. At the end of the show she even came out to sign autographs. She was truely inspiring. She had told a woman up ahead of me in line who was having a traditional straw hat autographed to be sure and only buy authentic colombian hats that help preserve our culture and not overpriced cheaply made hats which she basically had. When I got my chance to speak with her I asked her not to forget about her fans out in nyc and to come back around to which she assured me she wouldn't and gave me her autograph saying "Con Sabor!" meaning "With flavor!". Another evening I got to meet up with my friend and see the Big Surprise Tour which consisted of Old Crow Medicine Show, Dave Rawlings Machine, the Clive Brothers and Justin Townes Earle. They are all kind of country, folk, bluegrass and old time mixed into one. At the end of week, the family gathered up and we all headed out to Bear Mountain. As kids we all spent some of our summer days out through there. Between playing by the lake and running into the pool to cool off. The place is just as fun as it was back when I was a kid. After playing hard we found a picnic table and ate sandwiches and watched the kids play baseball and attempt to skip stones on the lake. The trip back into West Virginia wasn't the best but I didn't let it ruin my vacation. Just to give you an idea, I was supposed to leave at 6:50pm and didn't leave until 9:30pm. When we finally reached Charleston, we were told that it was much too foggy to try and land the plane in the mountains. Guess where we were taken? ... Columbus, OH. Yes! From there, they were going to charter a bus to bring us back to Charleston, WV. At the end I got the bus driver to drop me off in a gas station closer to home and didn't arrive at my apartment until 4am. That's right, 4 in the morning. I was supposed to be home by 9pm.