Monday, April 20, 2015

Welcoming a new baby

I introduce to you one of the two new bunnies that we have. An old friend of mine had two bunnies that she was looking to give up for adoption. At first they were a bit tough to warm up to because Bonnie, who you see pictured is quite protective of Clyde, her mate. They are absolutely in love and have warmed up to us now. Bonnie loves to be cuddled under a warm blanket and Clyde enjoys climbing on top of us as we watch Netflix. They go nuts for treats and have room to run around in the kitchen. More pictures to come.
Although the winter is now gone (Thank Goodness!), I still love looking back on the beautiful pictures I was able to snap of the view by the sound. After a long day at work, while driving home, I could catch the view of the sunset in my rear view mirror or beaming on the side of my car and could immediately tell it was another glorious sunset. It always called to me and I would drive my car to the shore and snap pictures with my camera phone while all the professional photographers had their high tech cameras with telescopes on them. There is something so calming about a sunset. No matter what happened in the day, the sun keeps moving. The sun would go down but you can always count on it to come back up. The world waits for now one and life goes on.

A few weeks ago I received great news from one of my best friends. She informed me while out on a double date that she was expecting with her husband. I was left speechless. What great news! She deserves so much happiness in her life and I could not be happier. I even had a dream that she was pregnant and told her about it. My female intuition has been kicking in!

As a baby welcoming gift, I am knitting up the OpArt Baby Blanket in 36" length. I am using a brown as my neutral and blues transition from a light hue to a darker one. I want to give them a blanket that was masculine and her husband would enjoy holding his baby in without being traditional baby pastel colors. I hope they like it and find it very useful. The yarn I am using is Knit One Crochet Two Sebago in colors Silver Fern (581), Cadet Blue (674), (Milk Chocolate) 822, Ocean (646) and Navy (695).