Thursday, March 12, 2009

Done! Done! Done!

Alright... *catches her breath*... I'm so happy. I finally got the shawl done. I started it in October just to tear it out a month later and I completed it just a few days before my mother's birthday. I quickly got a purple Hallmark box that closes with a ribbon and lined the shawl with silver tissue paper when folding it and stuffed the box with some more silver tissue paper. Made my own tag for the garment and shipped it off. I should have taken a picture of the packaging but maybe next time. I am so proud of this lace knit. It was my first serious lace project with lace weight yarn. It came out beautiful.

Another knitting update is that I got my tax return. I'm trying to be very smart with the money so I balanced the ol' check book, bought a few items and am saving the rest. I was VERY tempted to buy an iphone but I didn't do it. I dunno... I think that Paul would give me a guilt trip if I had a fancy phone and he didn't. I know he would buy me a phone if he bought himself one. Maybe some other time with some other money. I'll stick to my razr for now. I got Paul Red Hulk the graphic novel, Cool Hand Luke blu-ray, an ICP album (Independent's Day) and a Jamie Maddrox album (Phatso) which I know I am going to be tortured with *sigh*. lol. As to myself, I got myself the Louet drop spindle beginner's kit. I am so charged to learn how to spin. I also got a Wool Pets needle felting kit for two small owls. My last item to spoil myself with is 10 skeins of Rowan Yarns Felted Tweed #152. Enough for a sweater. I'll update when I've put these items to use.

Before I forget, I also knit the Odessa hat. It started as a hat for my brother but it was a girls pattern with beads so I omitted the beads thinking that maybe it would look more masculine but it was still girly looking so I sent it off to my best friend Heidi. I'm not much of a hat person and she had been nagging me for one.

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