Monday, March 2, 2009

Good music and PBR

Last night, I caught an awesome show. Wayne Hancock, Bob Wayne, 357 String Band and Joe Buck came into town. I had known about this for quite some time and made sure to let Paul know that this was a "must attend" show. It is so hard to get Paul to go out with me and up until the last minute he was complaining about having to go. I told him that I wish he would just try to enjoy himself for me. Once he got there, he really had a good time. He said the V Club was his new favorite bar and he was happy that they had some Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. We tried to count how many we had at the end of the night, we figured about 30 between the two of us. I was pretty gone to say the least. I was beyond the point of seeing double, I was seeing triple. I definitely became a fan of The 357 String Band. Their fast tempo bluegrass really had me bouncing. Joe Buck was amazing as usual. I got to talk to him and probably made a fool out of myself because I remember him looking at me like I was a drunk idiot but it's all good. Bob Wayne waved at us and spoke to Paul in the bathroom. Wayne Hancock was awesome. I FINALLY got to see him live which I had been wanting to do for a very long time. Just simply amazing. I even got them to play "North To Alaska" for Paul which is what he was wanting to hear. It was a great show. The lead guitarist kept smiling at me so I grabbed the chance to snag a cool picture of him posing with his guitar. (Thanks Izzy!)

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