Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowy weekend

I'm so excited about my Martha Stewart Cookies book. I want to bake every single cookie in that book even if the cookies don't seem to be something I like. I wasn't too prepared this past weekend with a variety of ingredients so I just ended up making the cakey chocolate chip cookies. Even though they were just chocolate chip cookies they had a wonderful texture to them which kept it interesting. What she does is bring down the amount of brown sugar and butter in order to make the batter fluffier. I had a few white chocolate chips, not even a cup full so I just tossed them in there with the semi-sweet chocolate chips. They came out quite delicious. Except for the one pan I burnt because I was working on someone's taxes. hehe. We'll just set those aside and forget about them.

I'm so glad I finally got to give the ferrets a bath this weekend. It's always one of those things in the back of my mind which I continuously push aside. I would've taken pictures of them in kitchen sink but I was trying not to be clawed to death. Although, they were quite tame in the kitchen sink in comparison to the bathroom tub. I think it's just that they're cornered in the tub and what probably seems like a huge waterfall at the end of it to them. So yeah, the weasels got to run amuck which led to Johnny climbing up (yes, through, not up and on) the couch and attacking Paul while we were playing Fifa 08 soccer. She bit the blood out of him so we quickly cleaned him up, gave them their pedi and put them away for a nap.

This weekend we also got some more movie watching done. We got through Zombies Zombies Zombies Strippers vs. Zombies which was great with all the horrible acting and bad plot. We finished up season one of Little Britain USA. It was pretty funny but not as much as the British version. Zach and Miri Make A Porno was hilarious but I still found Seth Rogan's other movies to be funnier. I'll probably watch it again soon though. When Paul purchased Zach and Miri, Amazon also recommended Starballz which he bought unknowingly. Well it turned out to be hentai. I sat and watched this with my jaw dropped and cracking up. It was a animated porno spoof of Star Wars. Trailer Park of Terror was good. I think it was better than the comic book that I read a few years ago. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist was alright. I'm a Michael Cera fan and it turned out to be pretty funny in spots as well instead of just being a romance. Nights In Rodanthe wasn't good at all in my opinion. I was wanting a good romance to watch on my own that would move me and all I got was just a romance. I didn't even find myself crying when I think I was supposed to be feeling the main characters emotions. American Gangster was mediocre. It was a build up for two hours to just put Frank Lucas away at the end. I was expecting a movie that glorifies a gangster as opposed to showing their flaws that bring them down.

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