Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

... or Happy S.A.D (single awareness day) to those out there who might not be in relationships. I know it might not be some people's favorite holidays but regardless whether you are or aren't in a relationship they both have their pros and cons.

This Valentine's day was pretty good (kinda.. hehe). I say this because Paul and I celebrated ours on Friday the 13th. We went to see the movie Friday the 13th right after work. I thought it was pretty good. It had some good gore in it which I like in my horror movies. Paul said it wasn't that great. He thinks that Jason wasn't bad ass enough and should have been more merciless. What I was shocked at was the fact that there was a little kid in the theater but whatever. It wasn't my kid. I thought the movie could have been a bit much for a child not just because of the killing but the amount of gore could have frightened him and there was A LOT of boobs and sex. You know... everything a horror movie offers.
Once we got home, there was a ProFlowers box sitting on my doorstep. When I opened it, it was a beautiful arrangement or red tulips and blue irises that came with a clear glass vase. This is my favorite part of this holiday because I love flowers and it is the one time of the year that I receive them. We've been together for almost 6 years now and this is the second time he has given me flowers. For some reason, he was under the impression that I didn't like flowers for the majority of our time together. I don't know where he got this from because he knows I used to work in two flower shops and when I started to go to school at UConn, I majored in horticulture. I just don't get it. Once we came in he gave me a card, some conversation hearts and a bucket of chocolate. Literally, a bucket, it weighed 5 pounds. I ended up letting him eat my candy and I ate his milk chocolate fish that his co-worker gave him. The box made the fish look framed and it said "It's a keeper" on it. He also got me Zach and Mira make a porno, Nick and Norah's infinite playlist and the stewardesses which have not arrived yet. I got him Hulk: Red Hulk, A Year At The Movies by Kevin Murphy, and the movie Poultrygeist which he received early.

On Saturday, we just rested by staying at home and watching movies. We watched Death Race which was kind of silly at first where it explains the story a bit. Once you let go that it's just a fictitious futuristic movie, it gets to be good. Redneck Zombies was absolutely horrible. It was a movie put out by Troma that was filmed with tape in the 80's. If you LOOOVE really bad horror B-Movies then this is one to see. The acting is horrible but it has funny hillbillies, moonshine and gut eating zombies out in the middle of nowhere. It pays tribute to Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a few scenes. It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it. We also watched Dance of the Dead. It was alright. I don't have much to say about it. Zombie movie with kids going to the prom filmed in what seems to be Canada. We watched S.W.A.T. which was better than expected. Pretty good if you're looking to watch an action movie.

As to knitting, I finally am up to the edging on the shawl I've been working on. I hope to be done with it very soon. I order the Lost Boys color way from Knit Picks which I received just a few days ago. I ordered it because it was going to be discontinued so I couldn't resist. It's beautiful, I can't wait to knit some socks up with it.

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