Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Baking

This past weekend I began baking again. It has been at least five years since I baked. I believed the last time was when I was living in nyc and I stayed up late making croissants for breakfast. I have forgotten how much I missed baking. Perhaps the reason for not baking is the fact that I had such a small kitchen when I moved to West Virginia. Three years ago I became vegetarian which led to being vegan for a year but I am now back to being vegetarian since last year. Now that I'm back on the baking horse I decided to make chocolate-chip oatmeal walnut cookies. I found the recipe at I ended up taking almost two dozen to work the next day and the guys gobbled them all up in a matter of a few hours which was the best compliment I could've received. My boyfriend got upset that I was giving "his" cookies to them and he always complains about my cooking. Hah! I'm so glad they turned out great.

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