Monday, December 22, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I'm Colombian.
2. Not Mexican.
3.One of my pet peeves is when people spell it columbian.
4. My hair has shades of red in the sun.
5. I hate being told what to do.
6. I named my ferrets after The Ramones.
7. My first dog was named Troskey.
8. I now refer to him as "Thrusty".
9. I still occasionally bite my nails.
10. I just want to be left alone sometimes.
11. I have a birthmark on the palm of my right hand
12. I like to tell people it's poop to gross them out.
13. I think feet are gross.
14. I'm not scared of the number 13... I rather like it.
15. I wish I were vegan again.
16. I miss meat sometimes.
17. I don't regret anything I've done.
18. I got "best hair" in my high school yearbook.
19. I made my own prom dress.
20. I loved letterboxing the one time I did it.
21. I want to do it more.
22. I hate that I don't make more time for knitting.
23. I would love to live in a small log cabin out in the woods.
24. I try to finish people's sentences all the time.
25. I'm trying to stop.
26. Sometimes I like to cry myself out.
27. It makes me feel better.
28. I'm closer to my father than my mother.
29. I'm a pushover.
30. I'm a romantic.
31. I don't let too many people into my life.
32. When I do, I hate to let them go.
33. What I miss most from my childhood is seeing my mother and father happy together.
34. If I could change one thing about the world, it would be to make people treat each other the way they would want to be treated.
35. I'm a Packer fan. Go! Pack! Go!
36. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
37. I get tongue-tied.
38. A LOT.
39. I hum to myself when I think about my awkward moments from the past.
40. Only when I'm by myself though.
41. I've always had a funny laugh.
42. I'm a Mets fan.
43. I'm a list person.
44. I am terribly forgetful.
45. I'm afraid of birds.
46. I'm afraid of what might lurk in the dark.
47. I'm horrible with names of fictional characters.
48. I can definitely a bitch.
49. But I also think I'm one of the nicest people you'll meet if I like you.
50. I'm not a religious person.
51. Being a assistant sunday school teacher turned me away from churches when I was asked to get onto the kids about their parents paying for the class.
52. I don't believe in forever or happily ever after.
53. If I could be any animal, I would be a bird.
54. I'm a bit of a germaphobe.
55. I think I have some sort of OCD too.
56. I hate taking pills.
57. They make me gag.
58. I met the Foo Fighters years ago.
59. I've been to Colombia.
60. I wish I weren't as uptight as I am.
61. I was named after my grandmother.
62. I never met her.
63. I'm not very affectionate.
64. I want to change that.
65. I'm hard headed like my father.
66. I'm like him in many ways.
67. I've been to Canada.
68. I've been to Germany.
69. I think I'm due for another out of the country trip.
70. When I was a toddler I hit my head on a radiator and now it feels like there's a hole in my skull on my right eyebrow.
71. I can wiggle my eyes.
72. I can make flatulent sounds with the palms of my hands.
73. My guilty pleasure is Doctor Who.
74. I can NOT stand Nickelback.
75. Another of my guilty pleasures is cheesy romance novels.
76. I read them very sparsely and I don't let anyone see me. Don't judge me. lol
77. I don't have a favorite ice cream flavor.
78. I want to try them all!
79. I argue the most with my brother.
80. I only do it out of love.
81. I can't take naps.
82. I sleep right through them.
83. I have a lot to learn.
84. My favorite color is green.
85. Music snobs annoy me.
86. I like the numbing feeling of pins and needles.
87. I don't care for politics.
88. I think nerds/geeks are awesome.
89. I want to learn archery.
90. I love the rush of shooting a gun.
91. I just need to get my aim down.
92. I'm not a great cook.
93. I'm a great baker.
94. So I've been told.
95. I dont eat my baked goods much.
96. I like to give them away to people that appreciate them.
97. I'm afraid of being alone.
98. I hate to see people sad.
99. I love getting postcards.
100. I think I'm becoming addicted to blogging.

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