Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lost Mail

This past week, I went to check my P.O. Box and found a nice surprise. Yes, just a few days after Christmas I got a Christmas card. "From who?", you ask? Oh just the Miami Dolphin's quarterback, Chad Pennington. Yes we actually grew up together and shared many good times. Just kidding! I really have never met the guy. I guess it's just one of the things that come with owning a post office box, you end up getting other people's mail all the time. So Chad, if you're out there, you might want to check up on that beautiful holiday card you mailed out to wild and wonderful West Virginia. I hope that the family that was supposed to receive it isn't resentful for not getting their annual holiday card. I told Paul it was a shame we couldn't get a Brett Favre holiday card but getting a card from the guy that got replaced by Favre and kicked him out of the playoffs this year also makes a good story.

Happy Holidays from the Pennington family!

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