Friday, January 16, 2009

"Must see" places before I die.

Since writing my last blog about my yearning to travel, it seems that all I do is daydream about the traveling I want to do someday, again. I guess I've always been ambitious about traveling. Even as a child, when asked to write about what you wanted to be once you grew up, I would write about wanting to be an archaeologist or a national geographic photographer while all the other children wrote about their aspirations to be doctors, lawyer or some famous public figure. Now as an average adult with an average job which can be mind numbing at times, I conjure up scenarios in my head. Lately, I've been thinking about places I want to see before I die. A sort of "to do" list, something to strive for, I guess. I think it's important to always keep in mind what makes one happy. For myself, growth is a very important part of life. Always learning something new, becoming a better person, learning from experiences in life and improving myself. Seeing new places and meeting new people definitely allows for this growth.

Places to see before I die...

1. MachuPicchu, Peru. Definitely a spiritual place. To think it was all done by hand without mortar by the Incas centuries ago. For what purpose? All we can do is guess, using the evidence that is left behind.
2. Rain forest in Costa Rica. So many different species of animals and plants. It just be breathtaking.
3. Wilderness in Alaska. I imagine this place to be very humbling. Just nature and yourself.
4. Paris, France. Home of so many great paintings and sculptures in the Louvre.
5. More Colombia. My parents were born and raised there, so now I want to see they place that made them who they are, contributing to who I am.
6. Ireland. I think it seems like a wonderful place to live.
7. Mexico. Beautiful, colorful culture full of history, Tequila, beaches and historical landmarks.

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