Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm in love...

with Elizabeth Zimmerman. Yes, I have been captivated and enlightened by her last night. For Christmas I had received her Knitting Workshop dvd and finally started watching it. This is definitely a must have for any knitter. Now, I don't consider myself an expert knitter or anything but I thought I knew my basics. No. She gives so many helpful hints about basics in her dvd that I felt like I was learning how to knit all over again. Not to mention her other lessons that contain knowledge that I hadn't taken the time to learn already. Keep in mind that I am self taught so having someone to watch and learn from is a godsend. She teaches knitting with a percentage system which simplifies everything. She doesn't tell you how much to cast on, instead she instructs you to measure yourself and cast on accordingly to your gauge. I love it when she is explaining the decreasing in the yoke of the sweater and says "Don't worry if it's 39% or 41%. It's knitting. It stretches.". It just seemed funny that all this time I freak out when I realize I am short a stitch in a row. I suddenly gasp for air forgetting that it WILL stretch. If I wanted a perfect mitt or shawl or whatever the case may be, I would just purchase it at a store. I love the mistakes I make in my projects. It's what makes them personal. It's what makes them a hand knit.

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