Saturday, February 1, 2014

Matrimonio Bolero

The Matrimonio Bolero is coming along quite well and is about half way done. I do suggest putting in safety lines for your first few lace projects. It is simply a nightmare when you make a mistake or drop a stitch and have to try and make sense of the whole thing. I think that I have been able to fix a couple of mistakes quite well. I hope to have this done in about a month. At which point I will go full force on making more projects for the wedding. Those will include paper flowers, pendant flags, photo booth back drop and other small items that will be laying around.

Lastly, I have been using my Addi Turbo needles which are heaven sent. Literally, when the mail package I am quite sure that I saw it floating down from among the heavens and landed on my door step. They are so slick and the stitches don't get stuck like my old screw on Susan Bates. You still have to push the stitches along depending on your gauge but nothing like it used to be. I definitely recommend them.

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