Monday, May 27, 2013

Make Good Art

Make Good Art is a great video that made me stop and think about how my creative juices flow best when I'm in a good environment. Why is that? Why do I fall into ruts where I do not feel like picking up a pair of knitting needs or even a pencil. That has not been the case lately, though. I recently joined 3rd Ward in Brooklyn and took an Introduction to Upholstery class. Our instructor Colleen was very friendly, informative and helpful. I look forward to joining the intermediate class when it starts up in the summer.

While my cousin, Carolina was visiting New York City for the first time and made a special request of me. She asked that I bake her a birthday cake. This was going to be interesting since she is from Colombia and finds most of our cakes to be unusual. What did I make her? A New York Style Cheesecake, of course! Do you think that I would have it any other way for her first time visiting the US, nonetheless, NYC. Shame on you if you thought otherwise. It was amazing and made my mouth water.

For my next project, I decided to take on a new skill. Although it is not that new but rather I wish to develop my sewing skill. My first quilt is in the making. Since I have never made one in my life, it will be a simple square swatch blanket. Sound easy? It could be but it has not been the case for me. I worry so much that the sewing machine will eat my fabric and never manage to work again. Every stitch makes me a nervous wreck. Also, I missed the small sentence that informs me that I needed to turn my fat quarters into squares so I am currently needing to undo all my work on virtually the first step. I am currently only touching this project once a month so it might be a while before you hear from me again on this one. I am determined to conquer it though.

Also, I wanted to share a hilarious picture of me meeting Junot Diaz at the Strand Bookstore during one of his conversations. I cannot remember what we were talking about but I find the facial expressions to be quite humorous. He was such an interesting personality and understand his books so much better now. If you haven't read one of his novels, I definitely recommend you download it onto your Kindle app asap.

Lastly, I want to congratulate Jim for finishing his thesis and successfully defending his it. I know it has been a challenge for him but nothing he couldn't conquer. I am so proud of him. He now has his Masters in English. 

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