Monday, February 11, 2013

Finished Object

This past weekend was the Super Bowl. I don't say this because it is the focus of this blog although I did have it playing in the background (on mute). I have to say that I did find it to be pretty hilarious. I'm glad New Orleans has been making a comeback by hosting it but what was up with the power failure? Anyway, I digress, I in fact took this time to finish a project that I had been working on for two years. I shake my head every time I think about how long this one took. This project wasn't difficult but rather I think it just got put into a bad time slot in my life. I hope to move my future projects along a bit more efficiently. 

The Isabella top from Knitty was actually quite relaxing. I found a few portions of it to be a bit confusing but nothing that I couldn't solve in the end. I really recommend this pattern for knitting up.

Another thing I wanted to review that I purchased recently was the iPad mini. At first I was all against getting a tablet. I saw why they were so useful when I was playing around with my cousin's tablet but I just couldn't bring myself to actually purchase one. It was until one day I was cleaning out my work backpack because it was getting heavy quick. It was starting to give me so many back aches, I couldn't get out the knots in my back quick enough. I kept noticing that the weight was from all my books. I had a note taking book for appointments, my Moleskine calendar (which I LOVE), my suggested reading from my boss and my own personal book I was reading on my own account. Not to mention my brick of a laptop. I realized that the solution to get rid of all the excessive weight was the tablet. I moseyed on over to the Apple Store in Grand Central Station and made the move. 

I cannot tell you how great this thing is. I keep all my notes for work, I can open up presentations and pages in front of my clients, my calendar is there, all the books I'm currently reading, knitting patterns and it's my web browser so that I don't drain my phone battery. If you have been considering getting one, by all means, you should. My fiance even tried keeping it and he hates apple products. We downloaded Minecraft and were playing around with it, as well as a bunch of word and puzzle games which quickly became addictions. The first step is admitting it, readers. 

If you are looking for a cover for an iPad Mini, I recommend the MoKo Slim-Fit Multi Angle Cover. It is really set at a great price on Amazon and does the everything you would want your cover to do. It has durable hard cover, you can set your iPad in four angles, and when you close it you get the advantage of the smart cover that turns it on and off. Not to mention a hand strap and an elastic to keep it open without the cover moving around on you. 

Have a great week, readers! Happy Monday!

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